Please leave your pets at home.

The Canadian Sheepdog Championship maintains a policy that does not permit any spectator pets on the event grounds. While this is an event for dog lovers, spectator’s dogs are not allowed. We fully understand your desire to have your animals with you, but ask that you understand our position. This is a highly competitive event, with handlers travelling from all over the world to compete – an escaped dog or disruption could ruin a run. This policy is enforced out of respect and safety for the competitors, demonstrators and the animals. Furthermore, the nature of the sheepdog competition and other events held on the grounds requires due caution to prevent possible injury to the animals. The Canadian Sheepdog Championship encourages visitors to make prior arrangements to ensure proper care is given to their pets while attending the trials. The Canadian Sheepdog Championship in no way whatsoever wishes to encourage or support leaving pets unattended in parked cars.

Trial Course


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August 21-22-23-24-25

Come join us over these 4 1/2 days as 80 open dogs and 27 nursery dogs from across north America will compete for the 2019 Canadian Sheepdog Open Champion and Nursery Champion Title.

By Jennifer Glen 

On a summer morning, a man steps out onto a large field with his shepherd’s crook and his faithful border collie at his side. The black and white dog scans the horizon, and briefly glances at his handler, before looking back out across the field, tense with anticipation. At a quiet word from his master, the sheepdog races off with purpose towards a small group of sheep 400 yards away. As he gets close to the woolly creatures, he swings around behind them, responding to whistles he can hear from his shepherd, and brings them all at a trot in a straight line to his man. At the end of the work, for his efforts, the dog gets a pat on the head as he cools off in a water trough. The dog’s true reward is a job well done and a close partnership with his shepherd, because he’s a border collie. He has been bred for 200 years to love nothing more than working sheep. Perhaps this is a sight you never figured you’d get a peek at without a trip to a farmer’s field in Scotland but Canada has a sheepdog history of its own. When Scottish shepherds immigrated to Canada, they brought with them their invaluable partners, the dogs that made their job possible. Today’s border collies and handlers in Canada can herd for a living or a hobby. Some of them work with flocks of sheep on their farms or in cattle feed lots and some do it just for the fun of it on the weekends. The Canadian Border Collie Association was formed to register these hard workers and every year there is a Championship to determine who has the best dog. Rotating years between Ontario and the Western Provinces, it is Alberta’s turn to host the Canadian Border Collie Association’s Championship and the Cypress Hills area outside of Medicine Hat will be the venue on August 23-26. The best across Canada will be here to match dog against dog with no less than 4 former Canadian Champions trying to win the coveted trophy again, along with many others who plan to win it for their first time. Some handlers and dogs will be coming in from local areas and some as far away as Ontario. Even the US dogs will be trying to get in on the action as teams from Michigan, Washington, and Wisconsin will try their hand against the Canadian competitors. Almost 90 dogs will be competing in the “Open Class”. This is the class for the experienced dogs and after two preliminary rounds they will compete in a final, harder round on Sunday to determine the best of the best and win the cup. There will also be a “Nursery Class” made up of youngsters under 3 years old who will show off their skills to help determine who has the most promising future. Spectators are invited and are welcome! The venue is less than 10 minutes east of Airdrie off highway 567. Bring a chair to sit and under the tent but please leave your pet dogs at home. The dates are August 21-25 and you can find more information and directions at

2019 Canadian Sheepdog Championships to Be Held East of Airdrie

From Airdrie take 567 east approx 1 mile. Watch for signs.

Directions to the trial field.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday August 21, 2019

12: 30 pm Tribute to Kristi Oikawa

Followed by Handlers Meeting

1:00 pm Start Open Preliminary Runs Dogs 1-19

Thursday Aug 22, 2019

6: 30 amHandlers meeting

7:00 am Open Preliminary Runs Continue Dogs 20-80

Friday August 23, 2019

6:30 am Handlers Meeting 7:00 am 1st go Nursery

followed by 2nd go Nursery 2 pm (approx time only)

Handlers meeting 2nd Open Preliminary Runs begins 1-12

7:00 pm CBCA Annual Meeting - Tent

SaturdayAugust 24, 2019

6:30 am Handlers meeting

7:00 am 2nd Open Preliminary Runs Continue Dogs 13-80

6:00 pm Handlers Supper -Tent (tickets only) See Chris

Sunday August 25, 2019 8:00 Handlers meeting

8:30 am Double Lift Final, 12 Top Dogs

12:00 pm Opening Ceremony Parade of Qualifying Dog and Handlers

Awards and Closing Ceremony following last run.