Handlers Info


Dog and Handler Qualifications for the CBCA Championships:
The two Open qualifying runs at the Championships will be sanctioned USBCHA.

Anyone can participate to a maximum of two dogs.

The top 12 CBCA dogs combined scores will be invited to participate in the CBCA Championships Double Lift Finals on Sunday August 25th. You must be a CBCA member and your dog CBCA registered in order to run in the Double Lift Finals.
CBCA Membership and registration applications MUST be postmarked no later than June 1st, to be eligible for the 2019 Championships. 
CBCA Membership and Dog Registration forms are available on the CBCA website: http://canadianbordercollies.org/registration/forms/

Dog and Handler Qualifications for the CBCA Championships and CBCA Nursery Championships:
You must be a CBCA member and your dog CBCA registered.
Dogs are eligible to compete if its third birthday falls on or after July 1 of the year in which the dog will be competing in the CBCA Nursery Championship Trial. Therefore any dog born on or after July 1 2016 is eligible to compete in the 2019 Nursery Finals

Shirley has been training and competing with sheepdogs for over 20 years. She began her training under the watchful eye of Jim Cropper, a longstanding accomplished and distinguished dog trainer and competitor in the world of sheepdogs.

Shirley’s first dog, Beechwood Bob, introduced her to the Nursery competitions where she won a number of trials in her first season. She then proceeded to the Open trials where she and Beechwood Bob were very successful, winning a number of trials and acquiring enough points to qualify to compete in the English National. Over the years, Shirley has made the English National Team three times with three different dogs. In 2002, Shirley won the famous “One Man and His Dog” British televised competition with her dog Beechwood Bob. She was very successful with her dogs, Bob, Danny and Ben, winning many Open and Double Lift competitions including the esteemed Longshaw Sheepdog Trial, the Hope Sheepdog Trial, Scrimgeour’s Trial, the Freebirch Sheepdog Trial, and the Macclesfield’s Double Lift.

Shirley’s judging career includes many major Double Lift and Open competitions throughout the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, the United States and Canada. This year, Shirley will judge the historic Deerplay Sheepdog Trial in Northern England. In 2018, Shirley, along with Jim Cropper, judged the illustrious Kingston Sheepdog Trials in Ontario, a trial run over 6 days with over 160 dogs competing. She also judged the 2018 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals held in Virginia where the top 150 dogs in North America compete for the title of National Champion. We are very pleased to have Shirley here in Alberta to judge the Canadian Sheepdog Championships as some of the top border collies in Canada compete for the Canadian Championship title.